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December 19, 2021


The Fifth Element

Connecting to our true self and innate wisdom that then breaks through the illusion of “self” as separate and integrates our connection to “all that is”  – Universal consciousness, Source,Divine Intelligence and we therefore radiate this divinity as it becomes part of us and our life force

Ask yourself……Where is your soul, your spirit, your essence where does it reside? 

In your past, your job, your role,your family and friends, your future?

When there is nothing familiar,no faces and no spaces no prior experiences are you still “at home” in yourself

Who would YOU then be who you would choose to be?

New Energies, new ways, new experiences… What could you choose?

We all desire alignment,  balance and stability regardless of our external influences or our internal dialogue.- it is a seemingly never ending journey…

The number 4 is foundational and we CAN reset our foundations to then connect to our spirit or soul which is the fifth element but first we need to clear where we are functioning from,  Old patterns of fear, insecurity, mistrust in self, others the universe…

With an .ancestry of preconceived thought patterns and behaviours our vision becomes confused and clouded and we lose connection.

The body & being IS a self maintaining and self restoring system though with the above external blockages, influences, energies  and the leftover residue the system is then unable to regulate itself and connect to source and our fifth element

The perfect outcome is the opportunity to then not be influenced by others, others thoughts, opinions and energies and vibrations and have the ability to reset our own selves…again regardless of external influences

They may be cleared from the Biofield and reset *see ERT* which in turn affects the physical,prevents further damage or disruption and the ability to maintain Homeostasis or equilibrium.

Once we begin with our stable foundation and the only one that can be truly relied upon and constant – our true self we can then connect to our spirit.

Your reality is now expanding beyond what is familiar, find your true sense of self and redefine who you are

You assess and discern all information based on your foundation so is it fear based, is it power based, do you give it more power than you give yourself and is this a habit?

It’s time to let go of what limits your understanding of the greatest expression of who you are really and who you were meant to be.

A rebirth IS possible…

We cannot respond to life as we did before.

Only by looking through the inner eye do we pierce the veil of illusion.

As we cleanse our bodies emotionally, physically and spiritually we come home to our self realised self, the sacred inner soul & true self that is connected to all that is….

~ Let the journey begin~
To your blueprint of Health, Healing & Happiness.

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