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We are what we eat. It is a crucial determinant of health to ensure that our food supply is well grown and pure. The same applies to the personal care products we use on our body. But most of the food (even organic) is grown on soil that is severely deficient in minerals and healthy bacteria

Additionally, chemical pesticides are often added which weaken our immune systems and cause disease, crops are genetically modified and hybridized and food is fumigated and irradiated in transit without our knowledge.

When truly well grown nutrients which have been combined synergistically to sustain or rapidly restore ideal cellular resonance and initiate a quantum leap to great health.


Weight Loss

Diets don’t work! Most people who go on a traditional diet end up 20 pounds heavier than before they started within a few years.

What works is to deal with causes rather than symptoms. The cause is that the body is full of excess stored wastes and toxins and the diet is full of mucus forming, clogging foods.

Additionally, the stomach and digestive system is not working properly which keeps food from being properly absorbed. This puts the body in a constant state of starvation, requiring you to eat more and more. This is exacerbated by traditional weight-loss diets.

The answer is to clean out the waste from the body so you can actually obtain nutrition and energy from the foods you eat, and to learn how to transition to a diet of life and energy-giving foods that cleanse, not clog you.

Worldwide research shows being overweight is frequently linked to insulin resistance (especially due to a diet high in refined carbohydrates).

Other possible factors: Intestinal/digestive dysfunction, especially parasitic (which can lead to a large amount of weight gain resistant to dietary therapy); nutritional deficiency, especially mineral deficiency (from consuming soda, meat, dairy and other acid forming foods); infection in the pancreas and other organs; heavy metal toxicity (such as mercury and aluminium), often interference fields (IFs) reflexing to digestive organs, especially dental IFs (such as undiagnosed infected teeth, toxic root canals, infected retromolar spaces, etc.)

Here is the program that will help you with healthy weight loss…

Follow The Instructions Below Until You Reach Your Desired Weight

(Do not use this program if pregnant or nursing)

Alkalize Your Body

Alkaline minerals are essential for proper pH balancing, all metabolic functions of the cell and elimination of any toxic substances. Take pH tests as directed in the handout, The pH Story. Then follow these directions on how to replenish your mineral reserve: Eat an 80 – 100% alkaline forming diet including lots of green vegetables, drink lots of green juices like kale, celery and cucumber and use the D3 and Premier Greens (my 1st choice) or the pH Trio (Coral Legend, AloePro, D3 Serum). If you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome or digestive concerns, you may want to steam or cook your vegetables, limit the green juice and see our other Digestion products. Always avoid dairy, meat, standard animal products, soda, sugar and white flour.

For sensitive body types: Use GastroVen for 4 days before starting the rest of the program. This may be necessary if you are highly sensitive or a Vata body type, otherwise not needed. Empty 3 Vcaps into hot water, steep for 10-15 minutes, drink 3 times per day before meals.

Take The Following Supplements Twice Per Day:

  • Premier HCL – Promotes adequate stomach digestion. 6-18 Vcaps per day. Take 2-6 immediately after meals. The lower amounts are for digestion. Higher amounts are needed if over 150 lbs, over 50 years old or eating meat.
  • HCL Activator – 3 Vcaps per day. Take 1 immediately after meals.
  • Lean Advantage – Thermogenic fat burner, especially stubborn abdominal fat. Features green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones & more. Diets don’t work. For weight loss and losing pounds and inches, we need to burn fat. 4 Vcaps per day, 2 each at breakfast and lunch.
  • Adaptogen-R-3 – Comprehensive adaptogenic formula which supports hormonal system, kidneys, adrenals & brain. Also increases energy, endurance, enhanced oxygen & nutrient uptake, memory and mental alertness. 3-4 Vcaps per day, all at breakfast. Take 4 if over 150 lbs.
  • Premier Plant Protein – Delicious advanced meal replacement drink. Helps achieve the lean body effect, decreases fat stores & delivers every nutrient essential for life. Great workout and exercise strengthener. Healthy organic source of protein. Take 4 tablespoons at breakfast, blended in 8 oz of water, juice or mix with homemade kefir.
  • D3 Serum – Crucial for pH, uptake of calcium and stimulates over 200 immune functions in the body. Take 6 drops per day at the main meal.
  • Premier Greens – Supports alkaline pH, broad spectrum strengthening and DNA repair. Foundational support provides a consistent supplementation of every nutrient necessary for optimal health, including broad-spectrum, “beyond organic” vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, immune boosters and other phytonutrients. All raw materials are selected from premier quality, “once living” sources which contain a “body of light.” Goes far beyond traditional supplements containing inorganic minerals and isolated vitamins. 2 tsp. per day or more (2 tbsp/day if not alkaline).


  • Digest – Helps your food get digested once it reaches the small intestines, plus it helps the HCL work better. Crucial to use with any cooked food meal. It also has the ability to go into the bloodstream to help digest previously undigested material. Not needed with a fruit only meal. 2 Vcaps before meals.

  • Gallbladder-ND – Cleanses the gallbladder tract. Almost every American has a clogged gallbladder, which means you can’t digest fats and oils and they get stored as fat. Common Symptoms of gallbladder congestion: Burping frequently, bloating, inability to digest fats, weight gain, nausea after meals, high cholesterol, headaches, fatigue, waking up at night, gallbladder “attacks”, especially after eating fatty foods, poor skin & hair quality. 2-4 tsp per day. Also consider our Liver/Gallbladder Cleansing protocol.

  • Medi-Clay-FX – Detoxes mycotoxins (mould) and heavy metals from digestive tract. Avoid the worst sources of mycotoxins including peanuts, peanut butter, wheat and corn. 3 Vcaps/day. Open 1 cap in water and sip during each meal.

  • Premier Psyllium Fibre – Supports gentle but thorough intestinal cleansing. Helps to remove trapped waste and overcome constipation. 1 tsp before meals.

  • Coconut Oil – Can help safely & naturally increase metabolism up to 25%. 1 tbsp per day.

  • Green Tea-AND – Supports digestion, increased metabolism & immunity. 1 tsp per day.

Additional Infromation 

Avoid hard to digest foods (especially red meat, commercial dairy). Dairy products are designed by Mother Nature to fatten up a calf into a one tonne cow, so avoid all dairy. Avoid refined carbs such as white flour foods (bread, pasta, bagels, crackers, etc.) — they help create insulin resistance, which leads to weight gain. Avoid white sugar, fried foods and soft drinks (all linked to abnormal weight gain).

Increase natural fibre by eating more fresh foods, especially fresh, organic vegetables. Vegetables have almost no calories, so make vegetables over 50% of your diet. They are the healthiest food and will never cause you to gain weight. Eat fermented foods (high in natural probiotics); drink purified water, ideally half your weight in ounces per day. Make lunch your biggest meal and do not eat past 7pm.

Consider starting the morning with vegetable juice, then having just fruit for breakfast. Fruit is an ideal breakfast. It gives you energy and supports elimination, which is what the body is trying to do in the morning. Fruit can’t be digested with other foods so must be eaten by itself. If you get hungry again before lunch, just have more fruit.

Get regular exercise, walking for 20-40 minutes, 4 to 5 times per week (helps burn calories, decreases appetite); daily sunlight exposure (20 min/day), which helps decrease cravings and enhances natural hormone synthesis (to keep you slim).

Recommended Products

Basic Program Supplements for 1 month (approximately – at the lowest dose listed above – order more individually as necessary):

2 Premier HCL
1 HCL Activator
2 Lean Advantage
1 Adaptogen-R-3
3 Premier Plant Protein
1 D3 Serum
1 Premier Greens – powder

Optional Products:

2 Digest
1 Gallbladder-ND
1 Medi-Clay-FX
1 Premier Cleanse
1 Coconut Oil
2 Green Tea-ND – 2 oz.
1 Gastroven
2 Coral Legend – 2 oz.
2 AloePro
1 pH Papers


We can not legally claim (see below) that this program will help you lose weight, but this is our favourite natural and non-toxic approach. Without being able to muscle test you (kinesiologically), we need to estimate more of each product vs. less. This should be an adequate quantity for most people, but in some cases if you are well above 150 lbs. or have serious toxicity, you may need higher amounts. If you are in the San Francisco Bay area, it is best to schedule an appointment for our Quantum Reflex Analysis testing. We can be more laser focused on exactly what you need, which may save you time and money.

If after a few months of sticking with the program you still have a “beer belly” then there may be intestinal infestation that need to be addresses with our Candida Program and/or Parasite Program. If there are persistent weight on the hips (“love handles”) then the issue may be hormonal. Call for assistance or schedule a session.

~ Let the journey begin~
To your blueprint of Health, Healing & Happiness.

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