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When I arrived at Skin Soul & Self, more than three months ago, I was completely disconnected from my true self, I was exhausted and above all I was at war with myself.

The connection between Michelle and me was instant and her sweetness, her listening, her empathy allowed me to feel comfortable and to open my heart.
Through many exercises, rituals, supplements, Michelle guided me step by step in the rediscovery of myself and especially in the acceptance and love of myself.

Today, I have regained control over my life and my thoughts and I am determined to be happy and to be at peace in my body and my mind.

Michelle taught me to trust myself and the universe, by highlighting my faculties and teaching me to manage and love my weaknesses. For that, Michelle, I thank you with all my heart.

I highly recommend Michelle, she will give you all the tools you need to become your true self.



My connection/work with Michelle has supported me to make some significant changes to my life for the better.
Wading through grief and trauma, that I found difficult to release, Michelle helped me with her various practices to begin to shed these.

It wasn’t an overnight thing; more a gradual letting go and shedding of old patterns and deeply embedded hurts.
I found her, without a doubt, to offer reflections of care and wisdom. At the same time, she also held me fully accountable for my personal wellbeing, sometimes asking me questions, or making observations that triggered some discomfort.

Growing is like that, though.

I couldn’t recommend working with Michelle more highly.

If you are open and willing, you will never be the same again.



If I could give Michelle more stars than 5 I would. She has helped me to overcome and bring into balance so many physical and energetic issues I was facing in my life. I feel truly well, happy and at peace through her amazing support and guidance. Her calm and loving approach made me trust in what she was doing and now Im living a healthy happy life. I can’t thank her enough.



I bumped into Michelle at the Warkworth Christmas town hall fete. I was really broken mentally, verging on adrenal fatigue and my psoriasis was running rampant. I didn’t really know if anyone could help me as the doctors had just advised to apply topical creams and I can’t make it go, so why bother trying.

Michelle explained how I could help my psoriasis and I started treatment with her. The hair analysis was really insightful and rather than telling me to stop everything, like other auto-immune protocol diets, it pin pointed some absolute no-no’s. The quantum reflex analysis recommended a whole load of supplements to help rebalance me.

After a few months I feel so much better. Not nearly as broken and much calmer. I’m sleeping better now and my psoriasis is really improving. I definitely recommend Michelle when it comes to working with the whole ‘you’ and helping you navigate the path back to a healthier, happier life.

~ Let the journey begin~
To your blueprint of Health, Healing & Happiness.

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