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Consult with us from the comfort of your own home. A Health & Wellbeing Consultation is an investment with the best
return possible – a return to Health & Wellbeing.

Michelle uses therapeutic components of food, the highest quality supplements and nutraceuticals and the ability to tune into your energies at a distance plus unwavering support to assist you. Whether it’s to return to health & wellbeing, restore imbalance or address emotional issues affecting your life.

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With Consultation we are able to personalize your session depending on your requirements.
In person in Matakana or if overseas remotely.

Initial Consultation: In Person $190+, Remotely $160

A thorough analysis of your body systems, lifestyle, diet and, history while also considering any health concerns or goals you wish to achieve. With consideration of your specific health needs, a nutritional prescription and Protocol will then be composed. This is your fully customised individual treatment guide that will help you reach your ideal health and wellbeing outcome.

Note: Any necessary Quantum Reflex Analysis, ERT, nutritional or functional tests require a one on one session.

Follow Up Consultation (within 21 days) $150+

Follow up consultations are so important to ensure you stay on the track, and that you’re starting to see the amazing results you want. This is a great way to fast track you towards greater energy, motivation and a healthier body and mind.

30-minute Quick Consult ($80)

This one is for you if you need health help fast. Ideal for acute conditions like colds and flus, short term stress, shock, trauma, grief, allergies or sleep problems. Michelle can give a quick, personalised nutritional treatment plan and prescription to point you in the right direction.

~ Let the journey begin~
To your blueprint of Health, Healing & Happiness.

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