Skin Soul & Self

Wholistic/Energy Healing

We have the ability to operate on multiple levels and dimensions at once.

Therefore to complete a healing, the being must be worked on through multiple levels and dimensions, as the blocks forming restrictions are not necessarily in this physical realm at this point in time.

We open up the 12 parts of the being before your Energy Healing Session so we are clearing, repolarising and Reprogramming on all levels and dimensions

I am able to test, identify and clear imbalances, blockages and facilitate foundational clearing and alignment of the body and being to resume an uninhibited flow resulting in transformation and restoration of health and well-being in your SKIN SOUL & SELF.

Energy Healing & Rebalancing

Emotional energy resonates with life experiences, personal and professional relationships and belief systems, behavioral patterns and points of view including grief & trauma may become literally encoded in the cell tissue and memory of the body & being creating limiting beliefs, negative feelings, behaviour patterns and fears, emotional disconnect and more.

Via readings and techniques we are able to access the blueprint of healing potential in the etheric realms and the body and bring this into the resonance of Health & Wellbeing.

You become more present and the past doesn’t project into the future the same changing the probabilities of future possibilities and you are able to function from a place of true Balance & Harmony
Your past, present and future are all affected by energy, by clearing, aligning and rebalancing the energy we re able to function and create from a place of true alignment on all Levels.

You are your own healer, let me help you to remove all blocks and activate your innate healing intelligence and live your best life!

Wether its your body, house, business, relationship past present or future we can access the information at a soul level and clear on multiple levels.

Hands on or Remote Sessions available.
Complimentary 15 Minute Consultation to assess the right for you.

Price: $160

90 Day Programme Recommended

Initial Consultation 90 Minutes $190

12 Weekly Consultations/Treatments @ $120 Per week

Rekindled Ancient Wisdom

“Our energy is like a computer system and operates off programming. If this computer programming is old, outdated or doesn’t do what we want it to, then we upgrade or replace the programming, so that our computer runs more smoothly. RAW is a way of accessing and deleting the programming in our energy that creates dysfunction, on whatever level and dreplaces it with programming that helps our system run more smoothly”

At the core of all matter lies energy, and the human body is no different. The energy body is a template for the physical body.

Energy Reading

An overview of where you are as a Being Physically & Energetically is identified and via intuitive/energy healing therapies what may be blocking your flow is released creating resonance and flow.

Akashic Record Reading

The Akashic records exists within the cells of our body and within the energy field surrounding our bodies (as cellular memory and as energetic imprints). Working within our Akashic Records raises our vibration and unlocks our quantum potential.

On a soul level we can access your divine blueprint and “record” which may contain information to help you overcome and clear Blocks, Fears, behaviour patterns and align with your true blueprint.

We can talk to the intelligence within our cells an work with our body wisdom to release emotional blocks and beliefs that are not serving us and have often been a recurring pattern in many lifetimes and to heal on a soul and physical level.
The quantum field responds to consciousness and in particular to ‘intention’.

Healing family patterns:

  • Manifesting & Personal
  • Transformation
  • Releasing limitations, fears, beliefs that may be affecting
  • Patterns shifting
  • Past life trauma

This clearing work is like getting a ‘new lease on life’ for your home/ business—and for you

The vibratory energy of your home, apartment or business affects you every single day and accumulates, year by year. The overall energetic imprint is held within the structure of a space and may attach itself to objects and people as can the energy of people entering the space leave an imprint.

The building structure, the land and the energetic space contain information about every single situation and event that has happened there.

Events that overcharge the space emotionally can include prolonged illness, separation, legal problems, depression, divorce, death, physical, mental or emotional abuse, accidents, and drug or alcohol usage – to name a few.

There is energy that runs in the land, even in the underground water that flows within or around the land. Sometimes there are debilitating effects related to geological issues in and around buildings. This can create energetic obstructions which may contribute to the business and people therein affecting their health and can also affect the long term Health & Wellbeing.

I work with spaces to clear long-held accumulated and stagnant energy and also clear anything that doesn’t align with the highest intention for the space and the people therein.

    Price: Starting from $120

    ~ Let the journey begin~
    To your blueprint of Health, Healing & Happiness.

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