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Welcome to Skin Soul & Self

In Beautiful Matakana

Let us take you on a journey, introduced energetically, nurtured and nourished physically and affected soulfully.

Above is an ancient symbol of Alchemy which represents the whole being and the sum total of all its parts. We have incorporated this Symbol of wholeness to gift the frequency of the fifth element and awakening of our Multi Dimensional being.

A series of interlocking squares within a square, symbolizing our ability to cross from four to five aspects of our we all have the four aspects to our selves, fifth aspect is our true essence.

These are the elements we bring into the work with you and your energies on all levels and dimensions for the greatest outcome ever imagined!

Hi, I’m Michelle

How Can I Support You?

By identifying physical blockages and mental and emotional concepts that may be a barrier for health and wellbeing, I create deep healing pathways for people who are suffering with grief, stress, anxiety, ill health, energetic misalignment, depression, food intolerances, addiction, and trauma.

Utilising a range of modalities, I am able to test, clear and rebalance:

  • You, your home, relationships, business and more…..
  • Body Organs & Systems. Scarring and Interference fields
  • Immune & Digestive Stressors
  • Incompatible Nutrients, Foods and Supplements and product biocompatibility
  • Herbs and Nutrients that may be required by the body for optimal functioning
  • Physical or Energetic trauma that may be affecting optimal Wellbeing
  • ERT to address emotional Grief/ Trauma or negative mental/emotional concepts that may be a barrier to healing

I work physically and energetically with you to identify and resolve key imbalances that are affecting your life on many levels, so you can experience true alignment in Health & Wellbeing.

These Preventive and corrective processes include testing the physical body and are excellent for people in all states of wellbeing and at all ages to gain insight into their current state of wellness, initiate healing and facilitate ultimate restoration of Health & Wellbeing.

Health Testing/Analysis
Nutritional Support
Treatments & Protocols
Wholisitc Healing



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