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December 21, 2021

You have always made it through. Look back and see exactly how everything aligned for the better. You must believe so deeply in miracles. You must believe that better days are coming for you. Feel this within yourself. No obstacle shall stop your vision. No challenge shall weaken you. You are too strong to give up to doubt and fears. You must stop letting your own self stop you from your own greatness. The mental chatters, the overthinking, and the self-judgement can be replaced with unwavering faith, positive thinking, and the hope of what if miracles can happen for me. What if things suddenly shifted in a positive way? What if you made peace with your own self and the current situation instead being controlled by it? What if you took all your mental and emotional energy and focused on the things that can happen for you. Start lifting yourself up from within. Start being your truth; a powerful unstoppable spirit that can overcome any adversity. You are so powerful. Too powerful actually that’s why it’s humors to see you even for a second entertain a thought that’s any less. I’m guessing you’re supposed to remember. This is your reminder. Reclaim yourself today. Own your truth today. Believe and dream today. Imagine a better world, a better life, a happier you. You know that’s possible right? I’m sure you’re smiling right now and that’s your spirit reigniting. Once you accept and claim yourself you’ll start to feel, think, and live differently. You’ll start to be impacted and impact others. You’ll start living in your purpose and flow no matter what you face. You’ll always remember how powerful you are and that will carry you through anything. You’ll look back soon and just be thankful. Gratitude will fill your life because you know life is all a collection of moments where you’re learning, transforming, transitioning, celebrating, and sharing your creativity. You are greatness and I hope that adds more light into your life today as you begin to shine yours. 

– Idil Ahmed

~ Let the journey begin~
To your blueprint of Health, Healing & Happiness.

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