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December 21, 2021

The ritual offers a unique approach to Beauty & Wellbeing which brings about the integration of the whole being acting physically and energetically.

An amalgamation of techniques including Energy Alignment points and Stress relieving Techniques uniquely positioned in the market to bridge the gap between beauty outcomes and the acknowledgement of treating person as a whole – as within so without.
Recipients are inspired by a sense of rebalance & renewal of the Skin & Self clearly visible in the face and perceived by their countenance – inspiring a Culture of Self Nurture….
Skin is relaxed and released from holding patterns of ageing and stress and simultaneously an overall appearance of inner balance is seen and felt.

The individual is taken on a journey, introduced energetically, nurtured and nourished physically and experienced soulfully.

SSS Ritual Oil utilises Hand Blended Botanical Oils to resume balance to the skin and is created with an awareness of energetic approaches to the principle of wellbeing..

The effects on the skin and senses is unsurpassed

Our Skin is the physical intermediary between ourselves and the outside world, sensing, feeling, reacting, mirroring and presenting what we have experienced. As such the skin acts as our defensive barrier/ our mask, our point of contact and simultaneously a window to what lies within.

Our Skin translates our inner being to the surface and reflects what has gone on or whats going on internally and sometimes energetically.

Skin forms our barrier, our identity and can set up a protective mechanism.

The cells within facial muscles can hold the memory of past grievances, locking the face into an expression of tension. The body responds to that tension and the emotions associated with it are retained as a subconscious belief.

The Ritual releases that tension and in doing so releases the energy of the grievance. The absence of tension allows the muscles of the face to relax and release giving the client a more calm and lifted appearance. Clients feel a release of the negative emotion and physical tension which then allows their natural wellbeing to flow. Premature ageing due to stress and past grievances are typically held and shown in the face.

The SSS Ritual connects, with deep intention to Energy alignment points on the face and head primarily to clear held or blocked emotions and tension from the tissues of the face & cellular memory. The process induces the deep release and balancing of emotions, deep relaxation, stress & anxiety release with in the face and throughout the being.

Love Skin Ritual 1 Workshop

Two days

Love Skin

Inspiring a Culture of Self Nurture for Staff and how to impart to Clients

Intro to Acupressure Points & Therapeutic Slow Beauty Massage
Therapeutic Slow Beauty Massage introduces Intention to your Massage, without the Intention massage is a series of movements. By connecting with Intention & Attention to every movement, you are the facilitator for the alignment of the Wellbeing of the physical body and the Emotional/Energetic
★ With an awareness of your client’s Energy Field you introduce yourself to client without touching them, your hand is placed over the clients Solar Plexus Approximately 30cm as you explain the process of the Ritual
★ LS Mist is then sprayed over Face & Head as client is guide through mindful breathing
★ With an intention created around total mindfulness in every movement and a view to nurture and nourishing the Whole Being.
★ You then place your hands upon the clients Shoulders and take 3 deep breaths with the client with the final breath putting more pressure then releasing, your client is then ready to receive.
★ You place your hands in a triangle shape between the breasts and as much point of contact with the skin as possible using your whole arm and an upward movement past jaw, cheeks, ears and crown of head x3. Clearing the Energy Field to contribute to overall feeling of Wellbeing. Uplifting and Clearing- One motion
★ Arohanui Step
★ Fingers are then placed on the temples with Arohanui and with a deep circular movement forward 9 counts then back 9 counts to start to relax your client and introduce your touch to the Face and create a point of contact with the Face & Skin
★ Hands are then placed over eye area with base of palm pressed against eyebrows ★ Third Eye Point- Pituitary Gland which is the main Endocrine Gland affecting the skin all over the body (Home 60 Seconds)
★ Infinity Symbol around eyes 9 counts twice
★ Acupressure points above Brows Leading into Hairline, releasing stresses/stressors ( points of activation)
★ Cheekbones – Deep releasing of emotions and relaxation around muscle tissues ★ Ears
★ Jaw Line
★ Using Element Tool release to ears
★ Slow Beauty Massage around face then – Four/ Quarters of face then figure of 8 into base of skill to point 4
★ Base of Skull – ( Heavenly Pillar)Held for approximately 3 minutes while ( May be also repeated at home daily) Eliminates Exhaustion, Insomnia, stiff necks, eye strain…. Bring hands up with thumbs rating on #4 NV Holding Point
★ After x9 sweeps from Heavenly up
★ Place hands on triple warmer points
★ Neck & Shoulder Massage

Point of contact is released at the end of the Treatment via the Temples and Arohanui Step is repeated

Love Skin Energy Ritual

~ Let the journey begin~
To your blueprint of Health, Healing & Happiness.

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